(1/30)  Adonidia Palms at the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon.

(2/30)  The dramatic indoor atrium at Zoll, formerly Mine Safety Appliances.

(3/30)  Plantings at Beaver Valley Mall.

(4/30)  Original planter fountains with glass flowers at the Rivers Casino opening, 2009.

(5/30)  Simple but lovely planting under a staircase with rocks and water feature.

(6/30)  Plantscape maintains this large green wall at Bakery Square in Pittsburgh.

(7/30)  Living green wall at Wharton Street on Pittsburgh's South Side.

(8/30)  Green wall at Chatham University's Eden Hall Campus.

(9/30)  "Refreshing" green wall at a women's athetic apparel store at Ross Park Mall.

(10/30)  The Wetlands exhibit at Pittsburgh's National Aviary.

(11/30)  Sleek planters with sansevieria in the dining room at Crown Castle.

(12/30)  The Galleria of Mt. Lebanon.

(13/30)  Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

(14/30)  Planter in a no-light area using artificials at Gateway Center, downtown Pittsburgh.

(15/30)  An old fountain and pool were transformed into a lush planter in this office space lobby.

(16/30)  Plants enhance the sophisticated lobby at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

(17/30)  Full lush mass canes (dracaena massangeana).

(18/30) Large built-in planter holds a large variety of plants.

(19/30)  Embassy Suites atrium, Pittsburgh airport area.

(20/30)  Concrete planters with ficus alii at Industrial Scientific.

(21/30)  The Atrium Condos in Shadyside have a beautiful large planting area.

(22/30)  South Hills Village, 2009.

(23/30)  Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium, 2003

(24/30)  Another giant green wall at the Bakery Square apartments fitness center in East Liberty.

(25/30)  Simple planters add so much to building lobbies as in this example on Pittsburgh's South Side.

(26/30)  One Oxford Center, downtown Pittsburgh.

(27/30)  A delightful green wall brightens up this auto dealership.  

(28/30)  Beautiful old ficus lyrata (fiddleleaf) trees enhance a prestigious country club.

(29/30)  Plants are an important part of lobby decor.

(30/30)  The original "Mine Safety Appliances" atrium for which Plantscape received the National Landscape Award presented at the White House in 1990.